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For elderly care homes

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for care homes

It’s tough providing an activity program for an elderly care home. I know, because I used to be an Activity Co-ordinator.

That’s why Join The Circle dance sessions have been designed to optimise participation from your residents, whilst ticking a lot of CQC’s boxes.

We pack a lot in to 30 minute sessions, and keep the cost at an affordable rate of £25 because we want as many people to benefit from the sessions as we can get!

What to expect from a Join The Circle Dance Session

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Our Join The Circle Co-ordinators will bring their own speaker (so there’s no need for you to provide anything) and lead six dances, featuring music from all over the world, from different cultures and eras. There is time for conversation and discussion between each dance, helping to build a rapport between your co-ordinator and your residents and staff.

The moves are simple, repetitive and adapted by your co-ordinator to suit the individual needs of your residents - so no one feels they cannot join in.

Above all the sessions are fun! Leaving participants feeling like they have achieved and learned something by the end!

Why Join The Circle Dance Sessions are great from CQC’s perspective

Join The Circle dance sessions promote…

  • Better person-centred care by providing a way of finding out more about individual residents and feeding this information back to their care team.

  • Establishing links between residents and their local communities by building a relationship with their JTC Co-ordinator.

  • Physical Wellbeing

  • Social Wellbeing

  • Emotional Wellbeing

  • Spiritual Wellbeing

  • Sensory exploration

We've worked with...


“I cant recommend Join The Circle more for anyone providing activities in a care setting. My residents cant get enough! Rosie attends once to twice a week and they are always switched on and love it. The dance, the engagement, the social and of course the laughing. As a manager I do not have to be in the room, the fun fills the house. My residents are older people and residents with dementia and it brings everyone together, anyone can join in.”

Rachel Bailey , Care Home Manager - The Brambles Care Home, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex


“We’ve had Join The Circle dance sessions for years. It’s not just about exercise it’s about fun, social aspects, laughs which we have lots of. The conversation and the trust and enjoyment from the sessions, feeling good about yourself, it builds confidence and self worth brings everyone together residents, staff, families. Rosie is one of the family. I haven’t even got to the benefits of the exercise yet !!
The exercise routines are attainable to many residents. They are fun, easy to follow and great for people living with dementia. The benefits include motor skills, gross motor skills, eye and hand coordination and not forgetting eye and feet lol. Music from all different places in the world and different times. Some relaxing, some to move your body!!!
My residents love Rosie. There is so much you can get from Join The Circle sessions. Rosie makes a difference it’s that simple.”

Debbie Day, Activities Co-ordinator - Cedars Care Home, Southend-on-Sea, Essex

Take advantage of our £15 Taster Sessions!

With my experience as an activity co-ordinator, I know how tough it can be to provide a wide range of activities on a tight budget. I also know that it’s hard to find reliable suppliers that you can trust. This is why I’m offering you an introductory fee of £15 for a Taster Session.  

It's the perfect way to try a Join The Circle session in your home and see if your residents enjoy it - although I'm sure they will! 

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