Manchester and beyond! Bringing JTC sessions to care homes across the UK


Get in! Join The Circle is coming to Manchester and I'm SO excited! 

When I first started thinking about bringing JTC sessions to more care homes and teaching more people how to run sessions, I was thinking quite small scale. I had my small business hat on! In my head I was only thinking of Essex, and how there would be plenty of room for Co-ordinators because there is a high number of care homes in this area (570 care homes according to But it didn't take very long for it to occur to me that actually there was no reason to limit myself to people looking for work in Essex, because what make JTC sessions so popular here will make them popular to care homes across the UK.

Join The Circle Sessions are fun! For me, and my participants, dance sessions are one of the very few spaces in our lives where we can let go, make a bit of an idiot of ourselves, and have a laugh without feeling embarrassed. My sessions help people to step outside themselves, share experiences and laugh at themselves, each other and me! The bond that is created between people sharing an experience is made all the more powerful because we're doing something enjoyable; we're collectively spreading joy. I know that sounds a bit far reaching but trust me, once you've seen it..!


Throughout Join The Circle Sessions, my participants - be they care home residents, staff or friends and family - are actively encouraged to share their memories and experiences with the group. This allows us to find out more about each other and helps care home residents maintain links with the outside world and their local community. These links are not only incredibly important to guard against the feeling of isolation, but are also a requirement in the KLOEs for CQC; the system care homes are marked against when they are inspected. Add to this how the sessions promote physical wellbeing, social wellbeing, emotional wellbeing, spiritual wellbeing and are a sensory activity promoting touch, it isn't difficult to see why care home managers are snapping up the sessions! 

The sheer quantity of boxes ticked by the sessions is one thing, but the cost is another. I don't know a care home that isn't looking for ways they can make their budgets stretch further. Care home managers are having to be more and more creative with how they spend money on activities and providing a low cost activity that gives so much makes the sessions incredible value for money. And providing a low cost activity as a Co-ordinator doesn't mean that running sessions isn't profitable, far from it. Book your consultation with me, and I'll tell you how!

AND Join The Circle Sessions are so great for Dementia sufferers.

According to,

"There are 850,000 people with dementia in the UK, with numbers set to rise to over 1 million by 2025. This will soar to 2 million by 2051.

This rapidly increasing group of sufferers need activities that will stimulate them, and Join The Circle Sessions do that. And more than that, they bring joy! My dance sessions are an activity Dementia sufferers can join in with, without feeling excluded by the need to verbally communicate. It's an activity that friends and family can join in with too, giving them an experience to share together. It's such a beautiful thing to witness. 

I love how Join The Circle Sessions mean I can make genuine connections with people and I'm so SO excited about bringing Join The Circle Co-ordinator Training to Manchester (...and beyond!) because this will mean more connections with people all over the country! More Co-ordinators making connections through sessions! All the joy being spread! Woop woop!

There's still time to book on to the training - it'll be taking place on 26th May - so get in touch to arrange a consultation with me and find out how becoming a Join The Circle Co-ordinator will change your life, and lots of others!