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Rosie from Join The Circle at southend sea front


I'm Rosie, founder of Join The Circle.

I’ve been running dance sessions in care homes for the elderly since 2015 and I absolutely love it. I love the actual sessions, I love meeting new people and most of all I love being able to bring people joy through music and dance!

I trained in Circle Dancing whilst working as the Activity Co-ordinator at The Brambles Care Home in Leigh, Essex. After leaving The Brambles to pursue my singing career, I started running circle dancing sessions as a way of earning a bit of extra money and feeling like I was giving something back to my community. Since then, I've used my experience to refine and re-design these dance sessions, making them in to the Join The Circle Sessions they are today.

Over the years I have met so many interesting people with so many stories to tell and experiences to share. It’s just one of the perks of the job! I think it’s important I share a little of who I am too and why Join The Circle is so important to me.

Rosie from Join The Circle dancing in Southend care home
Rosie from Join The Circle at Chinnerys music venue along Southend sea front
Rosie from Join The Circle in front of some ferns along Southend seafront


I’ve always loved sharing experiences with people. It’s why I trained as a performer, why I made singing my career and what’s kept me running Join The Circle sessions. I think that moment when everyone in the room is together within a piece of music, or laughing at themselves playing at being line dancers, it’s something very pure.

I’ve always tried to make my sessions appeal on a few levels. Firstly the music has got to be brilliant - all killer, no filler. It’s a no brainer. But that doesn’t mean all the tracks I use are Top 40 hits. I use music from around the world, from different genres, different eras. Some are instrumental tracks and some have singers. Some are in English, but I also use tracks sung in Hebrew, Italian, French, Spanish, Hindi... It keeps things interesting and I think it’s so important to introduce my participants to music they haven’t previously experienced!

I have seen how much difference these sessions make to small communities of people living in care homes and I just want more of it! I’d love to bring Join The Circle sessions to people across the whole of the UK, but I can’t do it by myself.


So, back in 2016, I was diagnosed with a mental health disorder. I’ve struggled with depression my whole life but I had such a big breakdown this time that I ended up in hospital, and my whole life has changed since. I’m very lucky to be surrounded by people who care about me and who helped me get to where I am today (still recovering, still having bad periods of time, but much much better!) and not least of those people were all the activities co-ordinators and care home managers that offered their support while I had to take a 3 month break and who welcomed me back afterwards.

It was at this point that it sort of dawned on me that if there were more Co-Ordinators, they could have carried on the classes in my care homes. I know it sounds so obvious but I’d really never thought of it as anything more than something I did for myself. From here it was a short step to “If there were more co-ordinators, there could be sessions all over the country!” I realised that there were probably lots and lots of people like me, who could run sessions and not only bring joy to their communities but gain financial freedom and stability themselves!

Running Join The Circle sessions has meant that I am free to pursue my singing career with no fear about paying rent and bills. I get the warm glow of feeling I’m making a difference but I’m not out of pocket and can therefore sustain it. I’ve volunteered for various charities in the past, and I’ve never been able to keep going with it, due to having to take on paid work. Running sessions, solves this problem.

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