5 days to more Satisfaction

Join The Circle founder Rosie Holman at Southend sea front

Hi! I’m Rosie!

I’m the founder of Join The Circle, an organisation that runs dance sessions in care homes for the elderly.

Running these dance sessions has given me so much - an income, a way to give back to my community, and it continues to give me great satisfaction. And it’s so much FUN!

I want to empower other people to get this same satisfaction by giving them everything they need to start running these dance sessions in their community.

To show you I know what I’m talking about, and to see why running sessions will give you more satisfaction in life, I’ve put together a 5 day FREE guide to getting more satisfaction.

- It’s not all about Join The Circle! - The guide includes…

A discussion on happiness vs. fulfilment

Easy actionable tips on how to make more of your day.

A beautiful freebie featuring work from photographer Ami Robertson from Rubie Love Photography!

And an invitation to work with me!

Sign up below and take a step towards a life with more satisfaction!

!Warning! You may not be able to get The Rolling Stones out of your head…sorry about that!

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